Motorcycle Review: Unleashed 2023 Indian Sport Chief

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today unleashed its most aggressive iteration of the iconic Indian Chief with the launch of the Sport Chief.

Building upon one of the most historic and influential motorcycle namesakes of all time, the 2023 Indian Sport Chief raises the bar for American V-Twin performance cruisers through premium performance-oriented componentry and timeless, American styling.

2023 Indian Sport Chief looks mean in black smoke.
2023 Indian Sport Chief looks mean in black smoke.

Since launching in 2021, the reimagined Indian Chief has garnered incredible feedback from riders all around the world,” said Mike Dougherty, President of Indian Motorcycle. “With the introduction of Sport Chief, the 2023 Indian Chief lineup is more diverse than ever– offering a wide range of performance and styling options to meet each rider’s unique personality and riding preferences.”

“When designing Sport Chief, Indian Motorcycle set its sights on performance by utilizing the finest components from proven brands. With KYB® inverted front forks, also featured on Indian Challenger models, Sport Chief offers superior handling and ride performance. The Sport Chief’s dual-disc, four-piston, semi-floating caliper, radial-mounted Brembo® brakes deliver confidence-inspiring stopping power, while piggyback rear FOX® shocks increase travel to four-inches and increases lean angle to 29.5 degrees, compared to other Indian Chief models. The result is an Indian Chief that begs for more aggressive riding and provides the confidence and capability to take the riding experience to another level.

“In 2021, we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Indian Chief with a lineup that pays homage to the glory days of American motorcycling,” said Ola Stenegard, Director, Industrial Design for Indian Motorcycle. “With Sport Chief, we wanted to maintain the same care-free attitude and American muscle but elevate it even further with componentry that not only delivers a style and attitude that exudes performance but raises the bar entirely for performance cruisers.”

The 2023 Indian Sport Chief has a stylish quarter fairing up front.
The 2023 Indian Sport Chief has a stylish quarter fairing up front.

Featuring a simplistic steel-tube frame, Sport Chief preserves the Indian Chief’s mechanical styling. At the heart of it all, a blacked-out Thunderstroke 116 motor delivers 120 ft-lbs of torque, while a stylish new Quarter Fairing, along with new moto-style bars with machined triple clamps and six-inch risers set the Sport Chief apart from the rest of the Indian Chief lineup. With mid-mount foot controls and a solo gunfighter seat, riders are in a commanding, yet comfortable, riding position. Sport Chief features sport cast wheels wrapped in Pirelli® Night Dragon tires, a four-gallon fuel tank, bobbed rear fender, dual exhaust, LED lighting, keyless ignition, and three selectable ride modes, including Sport, Standard and Tour.

Ride-enhancing technology comes standard with Indian Motorcycle’s class-leading four-inch touchscreen powered by RIDE COMMAND. Accessible via handlebar controls or the digital touchscreen display, riders can cycle through multiple interfaces, including two different gauge configurations, bike and ride information, and turn-by-turn navigation with connected features like weather and traffic overlays. If using a wireless helmet communicator, riders can control their music within the RIDE COMMAND system once their phone is paired via Bluetooth® or USB. Riders can also access phone information, including recent calls, contacts, number pad and text message history. When connected, incoming calls will appear and can be accepted or declined directly through the RIDE COMMAND system.

For riders looking to personalize their bike, Indian Motorcycle offers an array of accessories that enhance the bike’s performance, comfort, or adds personal style.

The 2023 Indian Sport Chief comes loaded with upgraded handling and performance
The 2023 Indian Sport Chief comes loaded with upgraded handling and performance

Performance Accessories
For a smoother, more comfortable ride, Indian Chief riders can add Adjustable Piggyback Rear FOX® Shocks. Featuring 24 clicks via easy-to-operate twist knobs, riders can adjust compression and rebound damping to suit their riding preference.

Current Indian Chief, Chief Bobber, and Super Chief riders can upgrade to the Sport Chief’s stock dual exposed FOX® Pre-Loaded Chief Performance Shocks, which provide four inches of travel with increased lean angle and an aftermarket, stylish look that increases stability, and improves comfort and capability for aggressive riding.

The new Chief Pathfinder 5 ¾ inch Adaptive LED Headlight, available in chrome or black, features patented, innovative technology that monitors the bike’s lean angle and delivers optimized illumination of the road ahead. With an industry first adaptive high-beam, lighting performance is superior to that of a standard headlight, projecting light a greater distance and spread in front of the bike.

To improve air flow and add high-performance styling, riders can purchase either the Thunderstroke High Flow Air Intake or Thunderstroke Forward Air Intake.

The Indian Sport Scout looks awesome in stealth grey.
The Indian Sport Scout looks awesome in stealth grey.

Style Accessories
Indian Chief riders looking to add personal style can select from a variety of Indian Motorcycle accessories. New 10-inch Moto Handlebar Risers not only add style, but deliver a more comfortable reach. Low and Tall windscreen options are available for the Sport Chief’s Quarter Fairing, while a variety of bags, including a Solo Rack and Rack Bag, Tail Bag, and Bobber Saddlebag, complement the bike’s design.

The Sport Chief’s Quarter Fairing and six-inch Moto Handlebar Risers are available for current Indian Chief, Chief Bobber, and Super Chief riders.

Comfort Accessories
For added comfort and improved ergonomics based off height, riders can add an Extended Reach or Reduced Reach Seat. For two-up riding, Indian Motorcycle offers the Chief Syndicate Seat and a Syndicate Low Profile Passenger Backrest, which complements the Sport Chief’s aggressive design.

Pricing for the 2023 Sport Chief starts at $18,999 and is available in Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke, Stealth Gray, and Spirit Blue Smoke. Sport Chief will begin shipping to Indian dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada in March 2023. Riders can learn more at their local Indian Motorcycle dealership, by visiting RC

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Indian Motorcycle Sport Chief.

Motorcycle Review: Buell Super Cruiser 1190 x RSD

Buell Motorcycle announced this week that a new Buell Super Cruiser designed by Roland Sands of Roland Sands Design, is in development.

Two iconic brands (Buell and Roland Sands Design) together to create a one-of-a-kind Buell Super Cruiser motorcycle with a West Coast attitude. “We are excited to take another big step forward in the continued growth of Buell. Today that big step forward is growing the Buell team here in West Michigan,” said Steve Laham, Chief Products, Development & Strategist Buell Motorcycle Co. “The Buell team’s expansion is in a multitude of areas of growth and will allow us to continue providing high performance motorcycles in the marketplace.”

New Buell Motorcycles and Roland Sands Design Super Cruiser.
New Buell Motorcycles and Roland Sands Design Super Cruiser.

Roland Sands & Roland Sands Design will bring the heat. Champion motorcycle racer turned custom bike builder, Sands is considered the King of Cool in styling cruisers, café racers, and many top brands’ iconic built bikes.

“When Bill first approached us about building a high-performance cruiser using the Buell motor, it was as if the bike designed itself,” said Roland Sands. “Considering the history of Buell and the market’s need for a truly high-performance cruiser, and the build quality of the existing Buell chassis parts, motor, and rolling kit, the project was a natural fit.”

Roland Sands burning through tires on the Buell Super Cruiser prototype.
Roland Sands burning through tires on the Buell Super Cruiser prototype.

The Super Cruiser will take advantage of Buell’s unique high-performance V-twin engine and innovative perimeter braking system and structural swingarm, delivering a bike with exceptional handling in a non-sport bike format.

“The design lends itself to the West coast scene where customization is part of bike culture,” said Melvin. “And Roland was enthusiastic about incorporating Buell technology into that culture, creating the fastest, coolest cruiser on the market.”

New Buell Motorcycles and Roland Sands Design Super Cruiser.

“I’ve been working on projects like this for 20-plus years, and this is the first time we’ve been able to build a performance cruiser without the typical V-twin performance compromises of weight and motor width and length,” said Sands.

At 450 lbs. and 175 hp, Sands’ chassis geometry delivers road-friendly handling that’s ready for the track. Using much of the standard Buell rolling kit, Sands engineered his chassis design to work with the swingarm, forks, original 17″ wheels, and brake system. “Ground clearance, bar position, and comfortable seating and foot positions are key to getting the cruiser look with sport bike handling,” said Sands.

Roland Sands gets a wheel up on the Buell Sport Cruiser
Roland Sands gets a wheel up on the Buell Sport Cruiser

The Super Cruiser solidifies that Buell is Back and building more than sport bikes. Out of the gate, this cruiser will lead performance in the category. It’s light, nimble, and high torque, incorporating all the main points that connect the rider to the ground, and it’s cracking open another part of the market – a younger crowd craving speed and performance in a cruiser.

The new Buell is a good-looking California-style Sport Cruiser.
The new Buell is a good-looking California-style Sport Cruiser.

Buell previewed the Super Cruiser’s proof of concept at a Private VIP Reveal Party at Roland Sands Design shop in Long Beach, CA on February 10.

About its potential, Sands is confident. “With correct geometry and an attitude to match? Yeah, that’s the business right there,” he said. RC

To view the build and more info about the Buell Super Cruiser, CLICK HERE.

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Motorcycle Review: Harley-Davidson 2023 Motorcycles Reveal

A year-long celebration of 120 years of Harley-Davidson pride and craftsmanship was launched recently with the introduction of the first release of new models in the 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycle line-up, including the CVO™ Road Glide Limited Anniversary model and six additional limited-edition motorcycles featuring exclusive 120th Anniversary commemorative paint, finishes and details. The 2023 offering from the world’s most desirable motorcycle brand includes a refreshed Harley-Davidson Breakout performance cruiser model, the exciting Road Glide 3 trike model, the new Nightster Special middleweight sport motorcycle, and a restyled and blacked-out Freewheeler trike model.

Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal

The complete line of 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Genuine Harley-Davidson Accessories and Harley-Davidson MotorClothes gear and apparel are now available at authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships and can be viewed at

“Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has pioneered American motorcycle design, technology, and performance, and today marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 120th Anniversary.” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “We’re excited to share the first release of 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with more to come later in the year. 2023 is going to be an unforgettable milestone for the Company, celebrating the history, culture and community of Harley-Davidson – we hope you can join us.”

Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal model lineup.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal model lineup.

120th Anniversary Models
The very limited-edition, super-premium CVO™ Road Glide Limited Anniversary model celebrates 120 years of craftsmanship with one of the most intricate paint schemes ever offered by Harley-Davidson. Panels of Heirloom Red are applied over a base coat of Anniversary Black, each outlined with a bright red pinstripe and a hand-applied gold paint scallop. Subtle details added within the panels portray the head and wings of a soaring eagle. The gold-plated tank medallion depicts an Art Deco rendition of the eagle, an iconic Harley-Davidson design element. Additional details include luxurious Alcantara seat surfaces with gold and red contrast stitching accents, gold-tone powertrain inserts and bright red rocker boxes and pushrod tube collars. Only 1,500 examples of this fabulous motorcycle will be produced for global distribution, each serialized with a laser-etched panel on the fuel tank console.

Special 120th Anniversary paint in a different scheme will be offered on six additional limited-production Harley-Davidson models, with color and design combinations inspired by early Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each features a classic paneled paint scheme with gleaming Heirloom Red as the base color. Panels are outlined with a bright-red pinstripe and filled with a darker Midnight Crimson fade. Additional details include an Art Deco eagle tank medallion, seat covers with red side panels and gold embroidered Harley-Davidson logo, and red fade powertrain inserts.

This commemorative design will be offered on the following serialized models:

  • Ultra Limited Anniversary (production limited to 1,300 examples globally)
  • Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary (1,100 examples)
  • Street Glide Special Anniversary (1,600 examples)
  • Road Glide Special Anniversary (1,600 examples)
  • Fat Boy 114 Anniversary (3,000 examples)
  • Heritage Classic 114 Anniversary (1,700 examples)
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Breakout.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Breakout.

Breakout is Back
The Breakout model returns to the North America model line, flexing more muscle and flashing bright new styling over its long-and-lean chopper profile. The muscle is provided by the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, the pinnacle of torque and displacement in a factory-installed, regular-production Harley-Davidson powertrain that gives the Breakout rider instant bragging rights on the street.

Other new features include:

  • A five-gallon fuel tank topped with a low-profile chrome console shaped to lengthen the motorcycle profile and extend riding range.
  • A new handlebar riser and polished stainless steel handlebar is ¾-inch taller than previous model for improved rider reach to controls.
  • A dazzling chrome finish is applied to the rear fender supports, side covers, muffler shields, turn signals, mirrors, Heavy Breather intake, and new 26-spoke cast-aluminum wheels are finished in gloss black with machined details.
  • A Harley-Davidson Softail chassis maintains classic hard tail lines without sacrificing thoroughly modern ride and handling performance. The Breakout model is designed to rule the street with style and power.

More Cruise Control and Traction Control
Electronic cruise control will be a standard feature for the Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Breakout, Low Rider S models, and remains standard on Low Rider ST, Heritage Classic and Sport Glide models.

Traction Control System will be offered as a new option for the Breakout, Low Rider S and Low Rider ST models. Traction control is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessive spinning under acceleration. The rider may turn traction control off using a button on the hand control.

Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Road Glide.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Road Glide.

Own the Fast Lane on the New Road Glide 3 Trike
The all-new Road Glide 3 model combines the advantages of three wheels and a load of hot rod attitude with the comfort, convenience and style of the frame-mounted Road Glide fairing. The rider will enjoy wind-and-weather protection for the long haul plus BOOM!™ Box GTS infotainment, with Milwaukee-Eight 114 on-demand performance available with a twist of the throttle. The Road Glide 3 is a first for Harley-Davidson, and a new reason to never stop riding.

Key Road Glide 3 features include:

  • A frame mounted aerodynamic fairing features triple splitstream vents to help reduce rider helmet buffeting for improved comfort at highway speeds, dual Daymaker LED headlamps for outstanding style and performance, and a low-profile windscreen for hot rod style.
  • The Boom!™ Box GTS 6.5-inch color TFT touch screen navigation/infotainment system powers two 5.25-inch fairing speakers, and supports standard Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device that enables hands-free calling (requires Bluetooth headset).
  • Gloss Black cast aluminum wheels with machined details with exposed lug nuts on rear wheels and bobtail rear fenders. Choose menacing black or brilliant chrome finish in each color.
  • Weather-proof rear trunk with top-mounted door; capacity is two cubic feet.
  • Electric reverse gear
  • Trike-specific Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson: Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking, Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (ABS), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System and Cornering Enhanced Drag-Torque Slip Control System.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Nightster
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Nightster.

Exhilarating New Nightster Special Model
This new middle-weight contender amplifies the Nightster motorcycle riding experience with a host of style, convenience and technology upgrades. Exhilarating performance is delivered by the Revolution Max 975T liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, tuned to make tremendous torque at low RPM. To minimize overall motorcycle weight the engine is integrated into the vehicle as the central member of the chassis.

Key Nightster Special model features include:

  • Passenger pillion and foot pegs enable two-up adventure.
  • Cast aluminum wheels with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
  • Handlebar and 5-inch handlebar riser move hand controls two inches up and one inch back to put the rider in a commanding position on the motorcycle.
  • Four-inch round TFT screen displays all instrumentation and infotainment functions managed using buttons on the hand control array.
  • The display supports infotainment generated by the rider’s Bluetooth-equipped mobile device. Most infotainment functions also require a Bluetooth headset and speakers worn within a helmet.
  • Using voice commands through the headset, the rider can receive or place calls through a mobile device.
  • Navigation is supplied by the Harley-Davidson App for iOS or Android downloaded into the rider’s mobile device. When navigation is enabled, the rider may select a moving map display or turn-by-turn map displayed on the screen, assisted by audio instructions through the headset.
  • Premium Brembo braking components provide outstanding braking feel and performance for added rider confidence. Single front brake with axial-mount four-piston caliper and 320mm rotor. The single rear brake features a floating single-piston caliper and 260mm rotor.
  • A 3.1-gallon fuel cell located below the seat moves the weight of fuel low in the chassis, which lowers the center of gravity for improved handling and easier lift off the side stand. The fuel fill is reached by lifting the hinged locking seat.
  • Selectable Ride Modes: Road, Sport, Rain or create a set of custom modes
  • Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson: Antilock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System, and Drag-Torque Slip Control System.
  • All-LED lighting
  • Standard cruise control and USB charging port.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Freewheeler trike.
Harley-Davidson 120th anniversary 2023 Motorcycle Reveal Freewheeler trike.

Freewheeler Model Goes Dark
The Freewheeler model, an attitude-soaked, cruiser-inspired trike, gets a blacked-out restyle for 2023. The front end, headlamp nacelle, tank console, hand and foot controls, powertrain and exhaust all have black finishes in place of previous bright finishes. The result is a dramatic change in appearance that reinforces this model’s raw, hot-rod attitude.

New Gloss Black cast aluminum wheels feature exposed rear-wheel lug nuts for performance styling. Rear 18-inch wheels replace 15-inch wheels to give the Freewheeler model a dramatic new stance. Riding on three wheels has never been so awesome.

Other features include:

  • Milwaukee-Eight 114 powertrain for on-demand power.
  • Electric reverse gear
  • Mini-ape handlebar for fists-in-the-wind attitude.
  • Classic custom bobtail rear fenders.
  • Weather-proof rear trunk with top-mounted door for easy loading; capacity is 2 cubic feet.
  • Dual mufflers with slash-down tips
  • Trike-specific Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson: Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking, Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (ABS), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System and Cornering Enhanced Drag-Torque Slip Control System.

Go to to learn more about the complete line of 2023 Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring, Sport, Adventure Touring, Cruiser and Trike motorcycles, Harley-Davidson Certified pre-owned motorcycles. RC

Motorcycle Review: Harley-Davidson’s New Sportster S Re-Sets The Bar

When Harley-Davidson entered the ADV realm with the groundbreaking Pan America a few months back, the reaction was pretty much unanimous: The bike is fantastic. Everyone, from skeptics to purists, was impressed.

Harley’s not finished. This week, Harley-Davidson turned even more heads by announcing a new street bike that’s as innovative and eye-catching as the Pan America. The all-new street bike, with its low profile and high pipes, is called the Sportster S and it’s unlike anything Harley has ever done.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S

Hold up: That’s not entirely true. Stylistically, the new Sporter S—a “Sportster” in name only—is reminiscent of the super-popular FXDR that H-D released a few years ago, albeit with a smaller, liquid-cooled v-twin that makes an impressive 121 horsepower at an eye-popping 7500 rpm, thanks to the liquid coolant that runs through its veins. Even air-cooled aficionados will be hard-pressed to argue with that redline.

The new Sportster S features higher side pipes and fatter tires than the FXDR, and a far shorter, sportier rake. It definitely leans more toward the street-tracker side of things than the drag-inspired FXDR. Both utilize a sporty rectangular LED headlamp, bronzed engine flourishes rather than chrome, and a forward-facing, aggressive countenance that looks ready to pounce.

Harley-Davidson's Sportster S

Surely designed to compete with Indian Motorcycle’s hugely successful Scout (the back-and-forth between the two v-twin behemoths is nearly as entertaining as an Ali/Frazier bout) the Sportster S starts at $14,999 and comes in white, crimson, and black.

The Sportster S is powered by the same powerplant that drives the Pan America. Harley’s first 100 percent liquid-cooled v-twin was one of the most impressive features of the Pan America, and a street-tuned, 121-horsepower version of the Revolution Max 1250T also powers the Sportster S. 

Of all the features and characteristics that raised the eyebrows of purists and skeptics alike, the one that impressed us the most was the remarkable Revolution Max 1250 engine. The liquid-cooled v-twin was a brave departure for Harley—and the MoCo nailed it. This new Sportster S looks like a blast to ride, whether in the twisties or around town.

Harley-Davidson's Sportster S

Harley took a gamble calling this bike a “Sportster,” as it departs about as sharply from the Sportster line as a bike could. As Harley says, the Sportster has evolved “from Evolution [a nod to the Evo motor] to Revolution.” That’s a clever tagline, but Sportster fans shouldn’t worry. We’ve seen no indication Harley will put the new motor into the entire Sportster Line—although we can think of a few Sportsters that would benefit massively from it!

“Every visual design element of the Sportster S model is an expression of the motorcycle’s raw power,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson vice president of styling and design. “This is a wolf in wolf’s clothing.”

Harley-Davidson's Sportster S

From the official Harley-Davidson Sportster S press release:
“This new version of the latest Harley-Davidson liquid-cooled V-Twin engine is tuned to make tremendous torque at low RPM, with a curve that stays flat through the powerband for strong acceleration from a start with robust power through the mid-range. To minimize overall weight, the engine is integrated into the bike as the central member of the chassis. A welded tubular steel trellis swingarm features a braced design and stamped X-member to further stiffen the chassis, while its shape adds distinctive style. The use of lightweight materials helps achieve a desirable power-to-weight ratio. Ready to ride with the 3.1-gallon fuel tank topped off, the Sportster S model weighs just 502 pounds. 

Three pre-programmed, selectable Ride Modes (Sport, Road and Rain) electronically control the performance characteristics and level of technology intervention. Two Custom modes may be crreated by the rider for personalized performance characteristics. Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson, a collection of technologies intended to enhance rider confidence during unexpected situations or adverse road conditions, are designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration, and braking

Harley-Davidson's Sportster S

A round, 4.0-inch-diameter TFT screen displays all instrumentation and supports infotainment generated by the rider’s Bluetooth-equipped mobile device and/or helmet headset, including music, incoming and outgoing calls, and navigation supplied by the Harley-Davidson App. 

The Sportster S model is equipped with fully adjustable front and rear suspension, with Showa 43mm inverted cartridge forks and a Showa Piggyback reservoir rear shock. Rear suspension features hydraulic pre-load adjustment. Lightweight cast-aluminum wheels with a staggered, five-spoke design are shod with wide Dunlop/Harley-Davidson Series GT503 tires. Premium Brembo braking components produce outstanding braking feel and performance. The single front brake features a radial monoblock four-piston caliper and a 320mm diameter disc. The rear brake is a two-piston Brembo caliper and a 260mm diameter disc.

Harley-Davidson's Sportster S

Forward foot controls and a low handlebar put the Sportster S rider in an aggressive posture on the bike. Unladen seat height is 29.6 inches, low enough for most riders to get feet down at a stop. Brake and clutch hand levers are adjustable for reach, to best match rider hand size or preference. The Sportster S model is pre-wired for accessory heated hand grips for added comfort in cool weather, and is equipped with two dedicated power points for heated riding gear (heated hand grips and heated riding gear/apparel each sold separately), plus a USB-C port for charging a phone or other device. An external ambient temperature sensor and a low-temp warning on the display screen alert the rider to changing conditions. Cruise control and a proximity-based security system are standard equipment. 

Sportster S model accessories available through Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories include these key items:

Mid-Control Conversion Kit
Relocates the left and right rider footpegs and foot controls from the Original Equipment forward position to a mid-position on the bike. This may place the rider in a more athletic position and may also provide an improved fit for riders who cannot comfortably reach the forward controls. 

Passenger Accommodations
A Pillion Kit, Passenger Footpeg Kit, and Passenger Backrest Kit (sold separately) may be installed. The pillion and backrest feature upholstery styled to match the rider seat.

Sundowner Solo Seat
This seat offers an enhanced bucket design and spherical-void foam construction for improved long-haul comfort and shaping for more aggressive riding. Seam-sealed stitch lines prevent water from soaking into the foam and leaving the rider with a damp bum. Details in the top seat cover enhance overall style.

Compact Detachable Windshield
Black mounting hardware and support brackets, and the dark tint of the windshield, are a style match for the motorcycle. The windshield mounts to the forks with quick-release clamps, and can be installed or removed quickly and easily. 

Sportster S Tailbag
This tailbag is designed specifically to fit and look great on the Sportster S, and gives the rider a convenient luggage option for ride essentials. It is recommended that the Tailbag be installed over the accessory pillion (purchased separately). Luggage capacity is 5 pounds. The main compartment volume is expandable from 8.2 liters to 11.5 liters.” RC

The all-new Harley Sportster S starts at $14,999. To schedule a test ride, visit the Harley-Davidson website ( and sign-up.