Motorcycle Gear: Is This the Most Advanced Moto-Comms System in the World?

Your list of excuses for not using in-helmet comms is getting shorter and shorter.

Cardo Systems, makers of the popular Packtalk line of in-helmet communications systems used by riders all over the world, has just unveiled its most advanced unit ever. Packtalk changed the way we ride, and if you’re not yet a convert to helmet comms, we’re guessing you soon will be.

With sleeker styling, an improved microphone, JBL sound, faster pairing, and over-the-air software updates, the Packtalk Edge takes helmet comms to a whole new level.

Packtalk line of in-helmet communications systems
The slim, modern Packtalk Edge is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors—and the competition. Note the lack of an external antenna.

Powered by the 2nd generation of Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication, the Packtalk EDGE provides crystal clear sound and easy pairing for up to 15 riders. Better still, it keeps your group connected at a range of up to a mile.

The EDGE takes all the great features we loved about Cardo’s Packtalk Bold, including upgraded JBL sound and voice commands, and puts them in a thinner, lighter unit with a less conspicuous matte black finish and magnet-assisted mounting.

Packtalk line of in-helmet communications systems

New Features of the Cardo Packtalk Edge include:

  • Upgraded Natural Voice engine
  • Enhanced JBL sound
  • Improved noise-canceling microphone

All these features add up for an exceptional on-the-road sound and communication experience with unrivaled performance, the leader of the Pack is better than ever

We appreciate that a lot of riders still avoid helmet comms. Hey, we get it. We were leery once, too. There’s nothing better than unplugging for a while and blowing the cobwebs and bullshit down the road behind you. But if you’re getting away for the weekend, going on a long tour, or just riding while you’re supposed to be working (ahem), the Cardo Packtalk makes it easy to stay connected.

Listening to music or getting directions on long rides always sounded like a nice concept, but helmet comms systems never seemed to work right for us. We didn’t want to drill holes in our favorite helmets to mount them. Pairing units was difficult and dicey. The Bluetooth connection to our phone was always spotty. We couldn’t control the damn things with gloves on, so what’s the point? And worst of all, the microphones sucked—and the speakers were worse! We couldn’t hear a thing except for the beat. Forget about directions, news, or podcasts.

The Packtalk Bold changed all that.

Mounting required no hardware or tools. Bluetooth connection was a breeze. Voice activation made using our hands a rarity. And when Cardo paired up with JBL for its speakers, sound quality shot up dramatically.

Packtalk line of in-helmet communications systems
Riding with a buddy or in groups is no longer a bad game of charades.

Yes, wind noise is a factor depending on the helmet but if you’ve never experienced the joy of listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast while on a long interstate slog, or consulting Waze to guide you through New York City traffic while dodging taxicabs and bike messengers, then you, my friends, are missing out.

Even better, the Packtalk lets you communicate with the people you’re riding with. No more pegging it just to catch up when you’re almost on Empty. No more using sign language to mime “I gotta pee!” Best of all, when your riding buddy behind you loses electrical power in the middle of the freeway in a driving rain and has to guide his bike to the shoulder, you can move right over with him—instead of noticing two miles up the road that he’s no longer behind you. (Ask Matt Kopec how he knows.)

We were full of excuses, too. But thanks to that one rainy-day breakdown save, the Cardo Pactalk Bold converted us to helmet comms systems for good. With the new Packtalk Edge, your list of excuses for not getting on board with helmet comms is getting shorter and shorter.