Motorcycle Gear: Mychanic Sidekick Toolbox Stool

How would Batman have saved the world from destruction without his faithful sidekick Robin? Similarly, how would I be able to complete motorcycle maintenance without my Sidekick stool? OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but the Mychanic Sidekick stool SK2 is a clever garage aid that actually does help projects get completed more easily by housing the tools I need within reach while offering a comfortable seat.

The stool is actually two tools in one: a toolbox on an adjustable rolling stool. Measuring 23″ x 18.63″ x 18″ high, the 16-pound steel frame can support up to 350 pounds. It comes with a large drawer, two side storage trays, a drill holster, and a tool caddy. It comes unassembled, so your first project with the Sidekick will be putting it together.

Mychanic Sidekick toolbox on an adjustable rolling stool

The stool’s thick cushioned seat is nice and wide at 11″ x 16″ and can be height-adjusted from 17.4″ to 20.5″. You’ll need to choose your height during assembly because you have to remove the screws and nuts to make the adjustment, so once you choose a height, you’ll likely keep it set up that way. This is my biggest beef with the stool. I don’t always work at the same level, so I’d prefer a hydraulically adjustable stool.

The included tool caddy fits perfectly between the seat and the drawer and can be removed from the Sidekick from either long side. I like to keep a complete wrench set in the caddy, and when I’m working on a project, I’ll put only the wrenches I need in the side storage trays, keeping everything quite organized.

Large 3″ castors make rolling around the garage easy, but depending what you’ve got in the toolbox and side trays, you need to take it easy unless you don’t mind your stuff being scattered all over. My garage’s textured floor tends to create a bumpy ride no matter how slowly I roll, so I have a hard time keeping everything organized. But having everything necessary for the job within reach is what the Sidekick is all about. RC