Motorcycle Gear: Proper No. Twelve Whiskey Review

We’re all familiar with purpose-built motorcycles, right? Like, sportbikes that dominate the track, dirt bikes to tame the off-road trail, and cruisers for gobbling up miles of road in comfort. But what about dual-sports, or the wildly popular adventure bikes, like Harley’s Pan America? These motorcycles, designed to perform well in several conditions, hold their own. But for these bikes to ride well in several situations, sacrifices are made limiting the bike’s capability for each. They’ll never outperform a purpose-built motorcycle in one category.

So the reason stands, when you’re looking to raise a glass, you want a purpose-built spirit, Right?

When I recently tried Conor McGregors, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, I thought about the Dual Sport’s limits. Could the Notorious one dominate MMA, go toe to toe for ten rounds with “the GOAT” Mayweather, and produce a top-shelf Irish whiskey? Simply put, yeah, he can.

The Proper Founder, Conor, and his team of spirit enthusiasts searched for a location and people who share their passion for Ireland and whiskey. They found this kinship at the oldest distillery in Ireland and made it the home of their unique blend.

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

I enjoyed a glass of Proper over a couple of cubes. I found it has a sweet hint of honey upfront with a warm oaky aroma. No bite, no lingering aftertaste with a smooth finish. Ireland’s old distillery with its new Proper blend, turns out, a damn good whiskey!

Aside from making a fine adult beverage, the folks at P12 are making a difference too. For each case sold, Proper No. Twelve donates $5 to first responders around the world. They have recently announced that the New York-headquartered Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation will receive a $1 million donation. Now that’s a damn good donation!

If you’re looking for a genuine, good-tasting, Irish whiskey to help celebrate St. Patrick’s day, or just winding down after the ride, pick up a bottle of Connor McGregor‘s Proper No. Twelve. The dual-sport champ, champ has again dominated his game. Cheers.

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