Motorcycle News: A Home-Built Batmobile

There have been lots of Batmobiles over the years. A favorite is hard to pick, but this latest version makes that choice easy for us.

Tim Burton’s version certainly reflected his unique and eclectic style. A long-nosed swoopy machine, phallic-like and adorned with giant wings. The Dark Knight movies kicked in with a tank-like vehicle. Very cool and based a bit more on reality, if reality is being a billionaire that roams the city streets beating criminals to a pulp with your bare hands. The latest commuter cage has a sinister home-built vibe. Sure, Bruce Wane is still Richy-rich but disturbed and seems to rely on his wrenching skills, not a bank account, to get around town.

A home-built muscle car batmobile

This new Batmobile’s a muscle car. What’s more, it’s a real car. Well that might be pushing it, you’re not picking up groceries with it, but it ain’t a prop. This ride drifts vengeance through the streets of Gotham, gymkhana style!

The Batman isn’t a new release. Hopefully, you’ve seen it. If not, check it out, it’s a good flick. It has a dark overtone and weighs heavy on the “detective” aspect of crime fighting. This movie’s Production Designer, James Chinland, reached out to Graphic Designer Ash Thorp (ALT-Creative) to create the look and feel of a batmobile reflecting this movie’s raw dark tone. Ash said, ok, hold my beer and designed Batty a home-built muscle car that would make Mad Max green with envy.

The production and special effect team then took this design and ran with it. Built a car from the ground up, matching Ash’s design concept to a T, or B.

The video below shows how they did this using a few bitchin’ ground-up builds. Looks a bit like the Duke boys Challenger took a questionable amount of steroids, hit the gym and moved to a bad part of town. It certainly is a home-built Batmobile bringing vengeance to Gotham. Very cool!