Motorcycle Review: The New Ducati Diavel V4

With the introduction of the sophisticated V4 Granturismo engine, the Diavel’s performance becomes even more astonishing.

With its 168 hp and 93 ft lb (126 Nm) of torque, the Ducati 1,158 cc V4, is the ideal engine for a muscle cruiser, capable of combining linear power at lower revs with vigorous torque throughout the rev range.

The New Ducati Diavel V4

Muscular, sporty, exaggerated and elegant at the same time the Diavel V4 combines the unique technical, dynamic and stylistic features of sport muscle cruisers. This machine responds to the many different desires of motorcyclists, from the sports enthusiast looking for a more comfortable and stylish bike to those looking to ride in an urban and relaxed setting to the lover of performance and drag racing iconography.

The updated Ducati Diavel V4 surprises with dynamic performance, the ability to gratify in sport riding, and excite with impressive acceleration and deceleration, as well as cruise at low speeds. Nothing goes unnoticed due to the unmistakable Diavel V4 stage presence. Even more—it astonishes with its aptitude for mid-range touring while remaining amazingly comfortable for rider and passenger.

The New Ducati Diavel V4

The Diavel receives the 1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine, a central element of the bike’s design. This technical choice simultaneously improves performance, dynamics and riding pleasure because of Ducati’s sophisticated choice of a counter-rotating crankshaft, which reduces the gyroscopic effect while increasing the bike’s agility.

Powerful (168 hp), rich in torque at every rpm (with a peak value of 93 (126 Nm) at 7,500 rpm) but also extremely light and compact, the V4 Granturismo (which derives from the Desmosedici Stradale of Panigale and Streetfighter V4) is at the same time smooth and enjoyable from the lowest revs. It is also characterized by low operating costs, with major maintenance at 37,000 miles (60,000 km) intervals—a record value on the world scene—and efficient in fuel consumption and emissions due to the extended cylinder deactivation system. This feature shuts off the rear bank not only when the vehicle is stationary, but also while riding at low engine speeds under reduced engine load.

The Twin Pulse firing order, together with the dedicated exhaust system developed with specific attention to “sound quality”, unmistakably characterizes the stamp of the V4 Granturismo. The extended deactivation system for the rear cylinders, which allows the engine to operate as a twin-cylinder or as a four-cylinder with an imperceptible transition due to its gradualness, generates a change in the tone of the exhaust noise as it switches from one mode to the other. A deeper sound, with lower frequencies, characterizes the V4 Granturismo when only the two front cylinders are active. The frequencies become higher when all four cylinders are operating. RC

  • Colors: Ducati Red, Thrilling Black
  • V4 Granturismo engine, 1,158 cc
  • 168 hp (124 kW) at 10,750 rpm, 93 ft lb (126 Nm) at 7,500 rpm
  • Valve clearance check every 37,000 mi (60,000 km)
  • Monocoque aluminum frame
  • 5.3 gal (20-litre) steel fuel tank
  • Retractable handle and passenger footrests
  • Omega DRL* headlight
  • Multi-point LED rear light unit under the tail
  • Integrated dynamic flashers
  • 2 in (50 mm) fork, fully adjustable
  • Mono-shock absorber, fully adjustable
  • Braking system with double 13 in (330 mm) discs and Brembo Stylema® monobloc calipers at the front
  • Diablo Rosso III rear tire in 240/45 size
  • Cast aluminum wheels with machined spokes
  • 5” TFT dashboard with Bluetooth connectivity, Ducati Link App
  • Accessory turn-by-turn navigation system
  • 3 Power Modes, 4 Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Wet)
  • Latest generation electronic package with 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (6D IMU): ABS Cornering; Ducati Traction Control (DTC); Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC); Ducati Power Launch (DPL); Ducati Quick Shift up / down (DQS), Cruise Control.