Motorcycle Gear: Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

Motorcycle Gear: Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

Modern motorcycle tool bag takes on a vintage look

Not to mock anyone for having to carry tools on his bike, but you never know when a vintage bike—or even a modern one—can have a failure on the road. I don’t go on a trip without some basic hand tools stashed away on my bike somewhere. And even if not for my own peace of mind, I may be able to help someone else who has broken down.

I never was one for old-fashioned tool bags hanging from the frame downtube with a handful of tools banging around inside. So, when I came across this new Legend Gear LA-5 bag made by SW-MOTECH, and distributed in the US by Twisted Throttle, it piqued my interest. Now, you may think of Twisted Throttle as the place to go for adventure bike riding gear (and you wouldn’t be wrong), but this Legend line is its foray into some relaxed-look, vintage-themed products perfect for any cruiser or café racer.

Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

All Legend Gear bags have a rugged, handsome look and feel. They’re made of premium materials and have weather-resistant features. The military-style webbing attachment system is popular these days and can be found on backpacks and gear bags everywhere. But I honestly think this is the first time I’ve seen it utilized on motorcycle luggage. The benefit of this mil-spec material is a multitude of loops and tie-down points for a universal fit no matter where you decide to mount it: frame, handlebars, sissybar—wherever.

Four mounting straps are included, as is a shoulder strap should you need to carry your tools off the bike. It can also be worn as a belt/waist pack, but be prepared for the fanny pack ribbing you’re bound to get.

Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

The body of the brown and black bag measures about 9.5″ x 2.75″ x 4.5″, provides 1.6 liters of storage, and is made of premium Napalon synthetic leather and a coated water-resistant canvas that has that classic weathered look. The cotton canvas is wax-coated to protect against UV damage. To keep Legend Gear looking new you should wax regularly and avoid storage in direct sunlight. But for a more vintage appearance, wax less often for some faded glory.

The main flap features a Velcro closure and a simple J-shaped anodized aluminum buckle, with a water-resistant zippered pocket and strap mounts. Inside the main compartment is a padded splash-proof inner lining to keep things from clanking around.
This LA5 toolbag is just the tip of the iceberg of Legend Gear baggage. SW-Motech also offers tail bags and a variety of similarly styled soft-sided saddlebags. RC