Motorcycle Review: Electric Ducati Mountain and Street Bikes

Motorcycle Review: Electric Ducati Mountain and Street Bikes

Three electric bicycle models from Ducati will be available in the United States

Ducati confirms the arrival to the United States a dynamic selection of electric bicycles. The E-Scrambler and MIG-S will be available in select Ducati dealerships in the United States beginning this month and the new TK-01RR will arrive in February 2021.

“The introduction of these e-bikes continues the Ducati tradition of creating exhilarating two-wheeled experiences and expands our product range into a growing segment” said Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America. “In addition to highlighting the connection between the world of cycling and the training regime of motorcycle racers the world over, including many of those on the Ducati Corse team, we’re looking forward to seeing our existing clients and those new to Ducati enjoy these new e-bikes, which are also part of a growing recreational segment.”

A year after the launch of the “Ducati Powered by THOK” project, the Ducati range of e-bikes built under license from THOK Ebike has expanded. THOK was born from the ideas and friendship between a pair of competitive two-wheel fanatics, Stefano Migliorini, a multiple championship winner in Downhill Mountain bikes, and Livio Suppo, former Ducati Corse MotoGP Project Leader, who won the MotoGP World Championship in 2007 with Casey Stoner. Suppo’s passion for motorcycling and connection to Ducati Corse complements Migliorini’s passion for cycling, bridging two worlds with the “Ducati Powered by THOK” project.

In keeping with the Scrambler tradition for fun and style, the Ducati E-Scrambler coming to America has been inspired by the Scrambler Ducati world. A trekking bike with high-end components, the Ducati E-Scrambler is the first trekking electric bike born from the collaboration between Ducati and Thok Ebikes. It is equipped with the Shimano Steps E7000 engine and the 504Wh Shimano battery as well as features Pirelli Cycle-e GT tires for smooth and easy handling. Additionally, the bike comes with a luggage rack designed to carry side bags and front and rear headlights, making it the perfect bike for traveling on city streets or country roads.

For those looking for off-road adventures, the Ducati MIG-S is an all-mountain e-bike with sporty features offering performance, agility, and fun in diverse conditions. Equipped with a Shimano Steps E8000 engine and 504Wh Shimano battery, positioned below the downtube to improve handling, the MIG-S is an E-MTB that will allow riders to explore any trail with unique rideability. Its geometry is designed to safely face both demanding climbs and rough descents. The MIG-S features 150mm travel at the front and 140 rear, and includes other high-level components including Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork, Fox Float TPS rear shock, 4-calipers SRAM Guide T brakes, 29” Thok e-plus rims at the front and 27.5″ rear, as well as a 12-speed SRAM SX transmission.

Finally, the new Ducati TK-01RR presents an e-enduro bicycle adopting the most modern technical solutions with the aim of making every riding phase exciting, letting clients experience off-road riding in its maximum expression, even on the most inaccessible routes. Featuring a new Shimano EP8 drive unit of pure performance weighing only 5.72 lbs., the motor is one of the lightest and most compact in the segment with maximum torque of 85Nm with a maximum servo assistance ratio of 400%. This translates to torque always being delivered with maximum fluidity, also thanks to a reduction in friction. With a 630Wh Shimano batter and a new aluminum frame featuring a verticalized downtube, the TK-01RR also is fitted with other high-end components such as a 12-speed transmission and Shimano XT brakes, as well as the brand new 180mm Öhlins RXF 38 fork and Pirelli Scorpion tires developed specially for E-MTBs.

Pricing for the E-Scrambler will start at an MSRP $3,995 for the yellow and black color, with a dark, matte black version to follow in Spring 2021. The Ducati MIG-S will be available for a starting MSRP of $5,295, and the TK-01RR e-enduro bike will be available for a starting MSRP of $7,995.

For those wishing to try these exhilarating e-bikes, select demonstrator models will be available for test rides at the participating Ducati e-bike dealerships. Click here to find a Ducati e-bike dealer near you.

For additional information please visit the Ducati website.