Motorcycle Gear: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Soldering Iron

I was elated to see this new Milwaukee battery-operated soldering iron hit the market.

People couldn’t understand why I was so stoked, but I was. To me, it’s liberating to not plug a soldering iron into a wall outlet or unravel yards of extension cord. The portability of a self-powered tool just makes it more valuable to me.

Cordless Soldering Iron from Milwaukee tools
Adjustable cordless soldering Iron from Milwaukee tools.

Now this is not the first time a soldering iron has been made sans power cord. I’ve seen some that run on butane like a cigarette lighter. But even that version has limitations. Buying the fuel and refilling the iron just seemed like a chore to me, and that’s why I never acquired one. But this Milwaukee version, powered by its popular M12 lithium battery pack system, makes total sense. Best of all, I already have the battery and charger in my toolbox. The M12 tool system includes over 80 different tools and accessories. I already own and regularly use the M12 drill, bit driver, and jig saw in my garage.

Cordless Soldering Iron from Milwaukee tools
A steady green LED shows the cordless soldering Iron is ready-to-use.

The Milwaukee M12 soldering iron heats quickly—like 18 seconds quick—and maintains optimal temperature during use. It offers 750 F max temperature and 90 watts of heat output. Two trick features you won’t find on conventional wired soldering irons are the built-in ready-to-use (steady green LED) and safe-to-store indicator lights (a red LED indicates the tool is off but still hot). So, no more scorched fingertips trying to figure out if the tool is ready.

The body of the soldering iron flexes and locks in one of three positions. So, you can now have a straight 180-degree soldering iron, a 45-degree tool, or a 90-degree version; just choose the orientation depending on where it’s needed and click the pivoting head in place. No more struggling to point the soldering iron in tight confines. It’s about 10″ long and weighs under half a pound. There’s a built-in LED worklight, too. The tool comes with two different soldering tips: one pointed and one chisel tip. And changing from one to the other is a snap with its tool-free bit change design. A threaded collar holds the tip in place.

Cordless Soldering Iron from Milwaukee tools
A red LED indicates the cordless soldering Iron is off but still hot.

Because I already own an M12 battery and charger, I opted for the tool-only version, which comes with two soldering tips. But you can also get a complete kit with soldering iron, battery, case, charger, and two tips. The M12 soldering iron comes with a five-year warranty.

The Milwaukee M12 soldering iron makes a nice addition to my power tool arsenal, and my old-fashioned pencil-style hardwired soldering iron has a new home­—the trash can. RC

Motorcycle Gear: AGV K6 Helmet Review

The term “good head on your shoulders” is widely used and for a good reason. So when throwing a leg over your ride, I’d say it’s apt to reflect on this term and protect that hat rack best you can.

Tires and gear are two places you want to avoid cutting corners. Helmets, especially! This is arguably the most important item when riding. That is unless you don’t have a good head on your shoulders and decide it’s not worth protecting.

AGV K6 Helmet Review

I spent a riding season testing AGV’s new K6. A super lightweight lid sporting a carbon and arimid fiber shell. Design cues taken straight from their high-end race series. When this helmet arrived at the shop I thought AGV sent a pair of socks disguised in a helmet box. Yeah, it’s light, only 2.7lbs.

Aside from weight, the fit is spot on with their sizing chart. It’s a little snug, but that’s what you want. Not a, my gosh, I can feel my pulse snug, but you don’t want your helmet moving around. Plus, the padding will form to your noggin after a few rides, improving comfort and fit.

AGV K6 Helmet Review

After putting it on, one thing that struck me was how close the chinguard was to my mouth. I’ve worn tons of helmets over the years. Before the AGV I wore a Shoei GT2, a good helmet but larger and focused on touring. I spoke with a colleague whose go-to helmet is an AGV and he said the smaller size is typical with this brand.

While at speed, this smaller lid absolutely cuts through the wind in basically any position. Meaning when I look left or right, my head isn’t caught in the wind causing mild whiplash.

AGV K6 Helmet Review

The interior is comfortable, well-padded and set up for bluetooth communications. Venting is well sorted with openings on the top and front to eliminate sweltering conditions plus keep the visor from fogging.

Another welcome feature is the visor itself. The K6 has a wide opening that provides a great view. This visor securely fastens to the chinguard using a hook and loop push button closure. AGV calls this their “micro-lock” system. What’s cool about this? It allows the visor to open slightly while staying securely fastened to the chinguard. And it works great.

AGV K6 Helmet Review

The design and look is awesome! This helmet looks like a top-line racer with tons of striking options. I chose flash matte with black, red and grey graphics. You can jazz it up further with tinted visors, iridium visors, bluetooth adapters, all the good stuff.

The AGV K6 kicks in with a reasonable price also, starting at $399.96. That’s a damn good price for one of AGV’s high-quality DOT approved helmets. So if you do have a good head on your shoulders and feel protecting it is key, check out AGV’S K6. This way, you’ll continue to have a place to hang your hat post-ride. RC

Motorcycle Gear: Top Ten Riding Gear Deals on Sale at RevZilla

Once again it’s that time of year when prices fall like the Northeast temperature. We’ve found some amazing deals on motorcycle riding gear at Revzilla that’s on sale and ripe for the picking.

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a new pair of boots, or maybe that old helmet’s seen better days and the funk of countless seasons has ya eying a new lid. Now’s the time to upgrade! Seriously, everything’s on sale with prices bordering on ridiculous!

Have a look at the motorcycle riding gear we’ve listed below, helmets, jackets, electronics and rear stands, Revzilla has everything marked down and priced to move.

AGV K6 Helmet – Save $100

AGV takes aim to fulfill all of your motorcycle helmet needs by harvesting the best characteristics from sport and touring helmets and infusing them into the AGV K6 Helmet. Its shell is comprised of carbon and aramid fibers for excellent protection and weight savings. The helmet’s versatility comes from its aerodynamic shape that works well in any riding position. Four different shell sizes allow for a broad size range to better fit your particular heard circumference and shape. Moisture wicking liners absorb sweat to keep you comfortable on extended rides. The AGV K6 Helmet is the culmination of all of AGV’s road helmet technology to create a single helmet for all riders. Regularly $499, pick yours up today for $399.

Cardo PackTalk Edge Single Headset – Save $77.99

The Cardo PackTalk Edge Headset is the successor to the wildly popular Cardo PackTalk Bold JBL Headset. With several new features, such as Air Mount and Over-the-air software updates, as well as updated features, like the 2nd generation Dynamic Mesh Communication and Bluetooth 5.2, this latest version of the iconic PackTalk communication system has again raised the bar for motorcycle intercom systems.

RAM Quick-Grip Phone Mount – Save $15

This RAM-B-149Z-A-PD4 is a spring-loaded RAM Quick-Grip holder that provides a secure fit for a variety of large phones and other devices. The RAM-B-149Z-A-PD3 is designed to fit smaller devices. Both feature adjustable side keepers to ensure that devices like GPS units and Bluetooth speakers within the listed compatible dimensions will also fit within the holders. Included is a short RAM double socket arm and zinc-coated handlebar U-Bolt base that accommodates rails from 0.5” to 1.25” in diameter.

Trackside Rear Paddock Stand – Save $50

The Trackside Rear Paddock Stand is capable of lifting both spools and flat bottom sided swing arms. It is constructed of heavy duty 38mm steel tubing with a tough powder coated finish. The dual wheels makes the lifting action smoother than ever while the retractable handle makes it easier to store. Whether you are making repairs or just doing some general maintenance to your motorcycle a rear stand makes life a bit easier.

Alpinestars Andes v3 Drystar Jacket – Save $289

The Andes v3 Adventure Jacket uses Alpinestars’ exclusive Drystar waterproofing technology to transport riders comfortably into any variety of on- or off-road conditions. The rugged textile chassis features polymer-printed panels at the elbows and forearms, contrasting multi-density fabrics and a multitude of adjustment straps and vents.

Pockets on the front, rear and interior keep your riding essentials organized and readily at hand. Moving past the jacket’s exterior, a full-sleeve thermal insert and impact protectors for the shoulders and elbows are included. The Andes v3 also provides pockets for optional Nucleon chest and back protectors. With these provisions in mind, the jacket achieves a CE Class A certification. For an additional level of protection, the Andes v3 Jacket is also compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag system.

Biltwell Gringo S ECE Helmet – Save $32

The Gringo S ECE Helmet is built around Biltwell’s injection-molded ABS outer shell and features a shock-absorbing EPS liner with hand-stitched interior padding, cheek pads, and BioFoam chin bar cushion for comfort. A hinged eye port shield raises the style and function of the Gringo S by introducing 70’s F1 flavor for bike riders who eschew the feature creep that has plagued modern full face helmets for decades. The Gringo S shield boasts awesome optics and simple hinge mechanics for high style and easy removal for replacement or cleaning. A snap and tab configuration on the rider’s left side offers speedy opening and secure closing to protect its wearer from road debris and wind irritation with little fanfare or complication. Speaker pockets let you pop in your favorite communication device and talk to your buddies or just let the music flow.

Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes – Save $100

The Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes are designed for urban riders who need a protective and stylish riding shoe that offers a waterproof/breathable D-WP lining and a CE approved safety rating. Perfect for commuters or urban dwellers who don’t always have the option for carrying around extra shoes or boots and need one shoe to get them from point A to point B regardless of weather.

Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle GPS – Save $100

The rugged zūmo XT all-terrain motorcycle navigator is built for adventure. Its ultrabright 5.5” display is glove-friendly and rain-resistant. It can withstand all kinds of weather, extreme temperatures and vibrations. Get adventurous routes with turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation and topographic or BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for off-road guidance — no subscription needed. Rider alerts help prepare you for sharp curves and railroad crossings. Easily manage and review routes, tracks and waypoints across your navigator, smartphone and computer using Garmin Explore. Pair with a compatible inReach satellite communicator (sold separately) for interactive SOS, two-way messaging and location sharing.

Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner – $50

From the company that started the heated gear revolution, the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner is powered by the legendary Gerbing Microwire Technology that allows riders to enjoy their two wheeled machines all year long. The mini ripstop shell encapsulates 7 heating zones and slips seamlessly under almost any riding jacket.

Gerbing 12 volt is the global leader in powersport wearable technology. Using an advanced interconnect system, Gerbing garments plug right into your electrical system on your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat or even airplane for an unlimited source of power and keeps you warm at any temperature, any speed. A combination of Microwire heating technologies in conjunction with your electrical system enable Gerbing to put heat where others can’t and makes for the world’s warmest and longest lasting 12 volt platform, specifically designed for the temperature of speed.

Dainese Blackjack Gloves – Save $14.99

Elegant and classic looks with a retro, cool and trendy twist. The Blackjack is particularly suitable for hot and sunny days in motion in the Spring and Summer months. Elastic inserts and adjustable wrist ultimately ensures a perfect fit and is very comfortable.

Motorcycle Gear: Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

Not to mock anyone for having to carry tools on his bike, but you never know when a vintage bike—or even a modern one—can have a failure on the road. I don’t go on a trip without some basic hand tools stashed away on my bike somewhere. And even if not for my own peace of mind, I may be able to help someone else who has broken down.

I never was one for old-fashioned tool bags hanging from the frame downtube with a handful of tools banging around inside. So, when I came across this new Legend Gear LA-5 bag made by SW-MOTECH, and distributed in the US by Twisted Throttle, it piqued my interest. Now, you may think of Twisted Throttle as the place to go for adventure bike riding gear (and you wouldn’t be wrong), but this Legend line is its foray into some relaxed-look, vintage-themed products perfect for any cruiser or café racer.

Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

All Legend Gear bags have a rugged, handsome look and feel. They’re made of premium materials and have weather-resistant features. The military-style webbing attachment system is popular these days and can be found on backpacks and gear bags everywhere. But I honestly think this is the first time I’ve seen it utilized on motorcycle luggage. The benefit of this mil-spec material is a multitude of loops and tie-down points for a universal fit no matter where you decide to mount it: frame, handlebars, sissybar—wherever.

Four mounting straps are included, as is a shoulder strap should you need to carry your tools off the bike. It can also be worn as a belt/waist pack, but be prepared for the fanny pack ribbing you’re bound to get.

Legend Gear LA5 Tool Bag

The body of the brown and black bag measures about 9.5″ x 2.75″ x 4.5″, provides 1.6 liters of storage, and is made of premium Napalon synthetic leather and a coated water-resistant canvas that has that classic weathered look. The cotton canvas is wax-coated to protect against UV damage. To keep Legend Gear looking new you should wax regularly and avoid storage in direct sunlight. But for a more vintage appearance, wax less often for some faded glory.

The main flap features a Velcro closure and a simple J-shaped anodized aluminum buckle, with a water-resistant zippered pocket and strap mounts. Inside the main compartment is a padded splash-proof inner lining to keep things from clanking around.
This LA5 toolbag is just the tip of the iceberg of Legend Gear baggage. SW-Motech also offers tail bags and a variety of similarly styled soft-sided saddlebags. RC