Motorcycle Tech: Bullet Atto Turn Signals Install

Motorcycle Tech: Bullet Atto Turn Signals Install

Size matters sometimes, like this time

This custom 1986 GSX-R has been through a number of changes throughout its life, for both aesthetic and practical reasons. It’s also been through a storefront window, for more about that ride, click here.

Over the past couple of years, owner Dirk Vanzuuk has ridden this bike primarily on the track, with an occasional run on the street. So, anything not needed for racing was removed, including turn signals.

Now, he’s again using this as an everyday streetbike and needs to comply with those pesky rules of the road. Looking for an alternative to bolting back on all the bulky components, Dirk decided to keep that sleek and light streetfighter look by using parts that are compact and lightweight.

Having removed his former front turn signals and now needing new ones, I suggested the Kellermann Bullet Atto Turn Signals from Kuryakyn. These turn signals are ridiculously small. My first reaction when I saw them was to laugh. They’re tiny, easily the smallest turn signals I’ve seen. But I was shocked by the amount of light they produced. These signals fit Dirk’s stripped-down Gixxer perfectly: lightweight, tiny, and road worthy.

Our install is unique to this machine, so your install may differ slightly. Also, this light is universal for all 12-volt DC applications, but some applications may require use of a load equalizer that’s sold separately. Make sure to check the specs before ordering.

Tools Needed
• 6mm Allen key
• 13mm wrench/socket
• Crimper
• Heat gun
• Phillips screwdriver
• Test light
• Wire cutter/stripper

Remove tank and seat to allow access to the original clipped-front turn signal wires. Signal relay on this custom GSX-R is also located under the tank.
Remove the headlight from headlight bucket.
Replace the original headlight mounting bolts with Kuryakyn M8 x 40mm threaded studs. Run the Bullet Atto turn signal wires through these bolts and down to the original signal wires under the tank.
Attach the new turn signals to the headlight mounting bracket. The original mounting hardware was much bigger than the new threaded studs we’re using, so a flat washer was needed to secure the connection.
Find the hot lead from the signal relay. In this case the wires were clipped and located under the tank. On most bikes, these will be at the original signal location.
Use the provided tin sleeves to connect the new Atto signal wires to the original wires. Use the provided heat-shrink sleeves to seal all connections.
Before reinstalling the headlight, test the new Bullet Atto turn signals.
Reinstall the headlight and bodywork.
Mini bullet signals installed, very stealthy but bright when needed.