Who we are

Our website address is: RidesandCulture.com.

Rides & Culture is a website focused on the do-it-yourself bike builder. Low-cost bike builds with a unique style derived from the builder’s passion and love for their ride.

We also explore the DIY community’s culture. Interests other than riding, like restaurant and drink choices, art that inspires, plus riding gear and tool reviews. Sure, we’ll also shout out about OEM news and give our opinion on new bikes, but our bread and butter sits with home builders, independent shops and events surrounding the DIY bike building community.

Rides & Culture is a community based website offering a unique perspective on the home-built motorcycle culture. Our editorial staff have been in the Moto journalism game for well over 20 years and share their seat time content, opinions, insights and reviews daily.

Every home-built bike has a story behind the build; Rides & Culture wants to share those stories with you. Welcome to RidesandCulture.com and hope you enjoy the ride!